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From Thomas Sauzedde <>
Subject Re: MTOM and boundary header / names (related to ?!?)
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 07:43:22 GMT
Daniel Kulp a écrit :
> Probably.   Cannot really think of another way to do it.
> I'm really surprised that the quoted stuff is an issue.   More likely, it's 
> the ---- at the start.   It's possible that the change to uuid that I did on 
> friday will fix your issue anyway.   
> I checked Metro and metro also quotes the boundary.  That's why I'm quite 
> surprised if that really is the issue.
> Dan

As I wrote I did some tests with JMeter.
I've got a provided client that works out of the box with MTOM requests.
What I did was to compare the HTTP(S) output of this client with the
output of my CXF client.

Then I diffed these outputs and empirically tried to manually change
each different fields.
My conclusions were :
    - No = in the boudary name
    - No quote around the boundary name in the header (Content-Type)
    - Need an extra CR/LF after the attachment itself

I retried this morning, and a quoted boundary name is definitively an
issue (in my case) but a "----" prefix is not !
Currently, the kind of content-type I'm using is like the following :
Content-Type: multipart/related; type="application/xop+xml";
start-info="application/soap+xml"; action="<snipsnip>"

I googled and according to chapter
5.1.1 (sorry no anchor), this is definitively a server side bug (about
quoted boundary )!

Thanks a lot for your comments


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