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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: jaxws API dependencies
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 18:32:42 GMT
On Tue March 31 2009 11:32:35 am nicolas de loof wrote:
> Hi
> is there any reason CXF uses geronimo specs as dependencies and not
> standard javax.xml ones ?
> They are now available in with
> Apache compatible licensing AFAIK

Other than the fact that I refuse to allow the repos to be use in our 
builds?   They have a tendency to re-release versions which are incompatible 
and have cause CXF builds to break in the past.   Just last fall, they re-
released saaj-impl 1.3 which caused us issues.

That said, I have the power to copy anything we need from there to central.   
I do that for things like the jaxb jars and the saaj-impl jars now.   However, 
that can lead to issues as well.   For example, jaxws-api-2.1 was copied to 
central right after it was released:
However, Sun then re-released it at   Central has a policy of not 
changing things.   Thus, the "2.1" jar is DIFFERENT if you get it from Central 
or get it from    The "new" one was put in central as 2.1-1 to 
distinguish it.   If you try CXF with the "2.1" from central, it will fail.   
The one from Sun is OK.   

For the most part, "Apache compatible" and "Apache licensed" are two different 
things.   If there is a "Apache LIcensed" version we can use, I tend to prefer 
to grab that.   Plus, Geronimo, being maven people, handle releases quite a 
lot better than the Sun folks do to avoid a lot of this.

Daniel Kulp

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