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From Ian Roberts <>
Subject Re: Getting WSDL or schema of service from inside a JAX-WS Provider
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2009 17:30:18 GMT
Andrew Clegg wrote:
> At the moment that's done for me by CXF. So I have an endpoint defined
> in cxf-servlet.xml:
>    <jaxws:endpoint id="FrontEndService"
>       implementor="info.cathdb.funcnet.impl.FrontEndServiceProviderFacade"
>       endpointName="funcnet:FrontEndPort"
>       serviceName="funcnet:FrontEndService"
>       address="/FrontEndService"
>       wsdlLocation="WEB-INF/wsdl/Services.wsdl">
>    </jaxws:endpoint>

OK, so the FrontEndService bean is your EndpointImpl.  You might be able
to add a setEndpoint(EndpointImpl ep) method to your
FrontEndServiceProviderFacade class and then do:

<bean id="providerFacade"
  <property name="endpoint" ref="FrontEndService" />

<jaxws:endpoint id="FrontEndService"

to give the implementor a reference to the endpoint.  Spring can
sometimes be a bit funny about circular references but I think it should
be OK in a simple case like this.


Ian Roberts               | Department of Computer Science  | University of Sheffield, UK

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