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From Ian Roberts <>
Subject Re: session between a ws service and a client in cxf
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2009 20:22:38 GMT
Julio Oliveira wrote:
> What about concurrency?
> What happen if i have 50 connections at the same time:

With singleton service beans you will have 50 different Java threads
running in methods of the same service object at the same time.  If your
service object is thread safe (which it should be if it is stateless)
this will be fine.

> 1) Can i create a independent invoke for each process ?

Do you mean a separate instance of the service bean for each request?
You can certainly do that using scope="request" for your service beans
in Spring, or I think there's a way to do it with the
JAXRSServerFactoryBean, but like I say that shouldn't be necessary if
your service object is thread safe.

> 2) All the invoke process are to the same socket number ?

Yes, that's perfectly normal for server sockets.


Ian Roberts               | Department of Computer Science  | University of Sheffield, UK

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