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From Jaroslav Libák <>
Subject dynamic configuration of client http/https conduit per request
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2009 17:41:25 GMT

I need to be able to invoke a web service via my client with both http and https. From what
I understood, it is possible to configure a conduit statically or dynamically.

Static configuration from
cannot be used, because it configures conduit per port, and I don't know in advance if I need
http or https. Since conduit configuration is independent of <jaxws:client.. /> configuration,
it probably won't help to create 2 clients - one for http and another for https (this sounds
very messy anyway).

When using dynamic conduit configuration, 
final Client client = ClientProxy.getClient(serviceClient);
final HTTPConduit httpConduit = (HTTPConduit)client.getConduit();

httpConduit is always the same object. serviceClient is instance of some client declared with
<jaxws:client.. /> injected into my spring bean with scope prototype. Since I will be
invoking web service in parallel (some via http, others via https), I cannot modify this httpConduit,
as it would break the CXF client.

Do I need to implement some ConduitSelector and then based on protocol use http or https conduit?
Creation of HTTPConduit doesn't look easy as it also requires Bus and EndpointInfo which I
don't have access to.

I think configuration of http/https in Apache CXF is really inflexible, if somebody wants
to use static clients with dynamic protocol.


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