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From SKS <>
Subject Thick client notification from web service
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2009 10:29:58 GMT

Hi Guys ,

I am just looking for an advise on how to notify thick client from CXF web
service to communicate "Save changes you are going to be discconected in 5
Minute" when admin intend to disconencted selected users.

I have a thick swing client used by users to perform actions. Business logic
is on server and exposed as CXF web services. I have a requirement where
Admin user can see list of connected user and disconnect them for some
reason , if required. I want a communication alert to be shown on
disconnection so that they can save their changes.

I can't use WS_Addressing because server to client connection may not be

jaxsw Async handler can't be used as its a kind of Push response activity.

JMS can't be used....

Can anybody advise me a good solution ..I can implement it many ways like
background thread continiously checking with webservice & sleeping for some
time and checking again , HTTP connection to servlet etc. I want to put an
optimize solution to ensure that it should not affect performance of client
& server both.


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