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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: wsdl2java...naming considerations
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2009 15:28:38 GMT

It IS possible, it's just not "easy".   There is a customization that can be 
added to each "type" to define the class name.   See section 7.7 of the JAXB 
sepc.   The problem is that you would need to define a customization for EVER 
SINGLE type you want remapped.   An XSLT or something might be able to do it 
for you semi-automatically.   Not really sure.


On Monday 26 January 2009 8:53:26 am Cecchi Sandrone wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a conceptual question for you.
> Let's consider a UserService to manage users in a web application. In this
> service we have for example these methods to expose as WebService:
> - User findUser(String username)
> - List findAllUsers()
> - void registerNewUser(User user)
> This service is implemented (server-side) using Hibernate for persistence.
> Obviously, the User object passed to the client can be different from the
> User object that the client want. So, for example, the client application
> builds his own User business object, starting from the User DTO retrieved
> from the Web Service.
> My problem is the following: when generating client stub, entity names
> (e.g. User) can be equal for both client and server side. In my app now I
> have:
> Client:
> org.example.businessobject.User
> - Generated from WSDL2Java
> Server:
> org.example.service.User
> So in the client app, the entity User has the same name, that obviously can
> be distinguished using the fully qualified name. Essentially, what I want
> is to mantain client and server class names, customizing the class names
> the wsdl2java creates (for example, calling instead
> From what I know it's only possible to customize package <-> namespace
> it possible to customize Entity/Class names too?
> Thanks in advance for help and suggestions.

Daniel Kulp

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