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From Phillip Rhodes <>
Subject Re: Web Service api design (pass simple parameters or pojo)?
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 04:05:44 GMT
Wow!  Awesome points.

I appreciate your advice.   I think the cool thing is that you  
reminded me is that I can design complex types to represent my  
messages so  that can isolate my internal application changes from my  
api users.  Back to the IDE for me;)

Thanks again,

On Dec 10, 2008, at 2:15 AM, Christian Schneider wrote:

> Hi Philip,
> I have some suggestions for you. First you should not generate the  
> wsdl from your implementation classes. We did this approach in the  
> start of our SOA. The problem is that when you change the version of  
> your service framework you can end up with a slighty different wsdl.  
> So you change your service contract when you only wanted to change  
> an implementation detail. I have written a howto on generating the  
> wsdl from java definitions and then generate the implementation  
> stubs from it:
> The second thing is to apply best practices from API design to your  
> service contract. Imagine many people are using your service  
> contract. That means they depend on the contract staying stable. If  
> you use your pojos as a service contract it means that any change  
> you make to them will break your service contract. So I would  
> suggest to define the contract separately from your pojos and do a  
> mapping from the contract data elements to the inner pojos. If the  
> pojos you are talking about are already api quality then you could  
> use them in the contract. But then you still will have the problem  
> above.
> I found a nice article about contract design:
> The last thing is I would use complex type style for the data. It is  
> easier to understand than parameter lists and more type safe then  
> maps. In complex types you can also mark elements optional so people  
> do not always have to set all elements.
> Hope I could help a little.
> Greetings
> Christian
> Phillip Rhodes schrieb:
>> This is a design issue that I continue to stumble across....
>> I am at a crossroads between passing instances of my pojo objects  
>> as data containers VS.  a long list of parameters.  Having worked  
>> with both cases, the long list of parameters gets very  
>> unmanageable.  (What was that 10th parameter?....)  Another option  
>> is to pass a map of parameters, but that is also problematic since  
>> you have all kinds of code to add and process the map.
>> That leaves me with passing my pojo's as a data container to my web  
>> service.  What are the drawbacks of such a design?  Or Is the time  
>> invested in a map of parameters worth it?
>> The API that I am designing is pretty much like a JCR repository,  
>> but one that provides some additional services around images and  
>> searching, and most importantly, super fast.
>> Thank you for your time.
>> Phillip
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> Christian Schneider
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