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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject cxf java code generation question
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 14:23:25 GMT
I am using CXF (for the the first time) to generate java source code 
from a WSDL supplied by a vendor I'm working with.

The vendor also supplied a POM.xml file with which to generate java 
source code from this wsdl for the client I need to build.

I find an annoying pattern in the generated code:

For fields in the data which are required (minOccurs > 0), the generated 
setters use the expected types (String, etc.)
For fields in the data which are optional (minOccurs = 0), the generated 
setters take a parameter of JAXBElement<String>, etc.

Is there a way around this annoying pattern?  Why would the optional 
fields generate different kinds of setters than the required ones?

pom.xml settings I'm using are below.  I've also tried using 2.1.3  
without  improving the situation.



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