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From "Sergey Beryozkin" <>
Subject Re: URL escaping +
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 16:04:19 GMT
I added this test case :



public Book getBookByQuery(@QueryParam("id") String id) {

String[] values = id.split("\\+");

StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder();


return books.get(Long.valueOf(b.toString()));


GET http://localhost:9080/bookstore/booksquery?id=12%2B3

Also added a similar test



public Book getBookById(@PathParam("id") String id) {}

handling GET http://localhost:9080/bookstore/id=12%2B3

All works fine on 2.2-SNAPSHOT (will work the same in 2.1.x shortly)

Have I misundestood your request ? You're not using query

> Hi,
> There's currently an issue with handling encoded URIs but it's been just fixed in 2.2-SNAPSHOT
and will be merged shortly to 2.1.x 
> branch.
> Just wouild like to clarify that this is a sample request URI :
> /foo/bar=A%2BB
> can you please tell me how are you retrieving the bar value ?
> is it like this :
> @Path("/foo/{barPair}")
> someMethod(@PathParam("barPair") String bar)
> Thanks, Sergey
>> Hi,
>> I might have a problem with URL escaping +.
>> Assuming I want to call a JAX-RS service foo with parameter bar and the value "A+B".
A + in a URL is a space so we need to escape 
>> it with %2B. If I have the URL /foo/bar=A%2BB then the service method should get
the String "A+B". It however will get the string 
>> "A B". If escape %2B again and use the URL /foo/bar=A%252BB then the method will
receive the String "A+B". Is this is a feature 
>> or is there some defect that causes this?
>> Regards,
>> Lasse

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