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From kpalania <>
Subject Re: REST and WSDL
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 15:50:12 GMT

Thanks Sergey but I have to be honest. That sort of went above my head for
the most part! This is what I understand -
* REST does not require a WSDL but it could very well use it.
* In the REST world, WADL (Web Application Description Language) is more
appropriate than a WSDL.
* A SOAP client could work with a RESTful service implementation.


Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
> Hi
>> Are these mutually exclusive?
> WSDL 1.1 is indeed pretty limited in what it can do
>> Or, is it common to have RESTful services that
>> actually have a WSDL definition?
> Have a look at this blog entry :
> I guess for CXF be able to generate document descriptions of the (JAX-RS)
> services, doing some
> WADL support on the server side (auto-generation) would be a good step
> forward. WADL is simple and effective language. WSDL 2.0 is a
> much more complex 'beast', though more flexible too, it will let you do
> REST over TCP-IP if you'd like :-). For CXF evolving as a
> strong platform for combining different types of services doing some
> (minimal) WSDL 2.0 can be a possible option. I reckon if there
> were now a WSDL2.0 aware client runtime wishing to talk REST to CXF, then
> it woudn't be too hard just to auto-generate some WSDL 2.0
> instance off the JAX-RS-enabled resource class, in a request CXF JAX-RS
> filter...
> Cheers, Sergey
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