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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Problem with converting to Calendar
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2008 20:45:44 GMT


Good news: this would definitely be working on 2.1.x as this code  
would normally never be hit.

You can also workaround it in 2.0.x by running java2wsdl  with the - 
wrapperbean flag to have it generate the wrapper beans.  Then the code  
wouldn't be hit either.  (might need to add the @RequestWrapper  
annotations)   (FYI: this is what you would HAVE to do if using the  
JAX-WS reference implementation or metro.   Per spec, that is  
technically a requirement)

Using XmlJavaTypeAdapter on the param won't work with 2.0.x as that is  
a feature that was added in JAX-WS 2.1.   That wasn't doable in 2.0.

Basically, we have to not allow interfaces and abstract classes as  
those are never actually added to the JAXB context.   Only the  
concrete classes are.   If you try to unmarshall passing them in, you  
get a "class XXX is not know to this context" error.    However, it  
looks like the "built ins" need to be accounted for in this check,  
Calendar being the main one.   Feel free to log a bug and attach a  


On Jul 9, 2008, at 11:00 AM, Wojtek212 wrote:

> I've found that in JAXBEncoderDecoder#unmarshall, in case of  
> abstract class
> (like java.util.Calendar), is unmarshalled without class by JAXB  
> what causes
> in result mentioned error: "Unmarshalling Error: unexpected element  
> (uri:"",
> local:"from"). Expected elements are (none)".
> Here is the "if" statement checking if class is abstract.
>            if (clazz == null || (!clazz.isPrimitive() && ! 
> clazz.isArray()
> && !clazz.isEnum()
>                && (Modifier.isAbstract(clazz.getModifiers())
>                || Modifier.isInterface(clazz.getModifiers())))) {
>                unmarshalWithClass = false;
>            }
> Is it correct "Modifier.isAbstract(clazz.getModifiers()"? Can someone
> confirm if it is a bug and real cause of problem? If I remove
> "Modifier.isAbstract(clazz.getModifiers()" everything works fine.
> BTW, I'm using CFX 2.0.4.
> Thanks
> Wojtek
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Daniel Kulp

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