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From "Łukasz Pijanowski" <>
Subject CXF over HTTPS on Glassfish and Tomcat
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 09:42:16 GMT
Hello CXF Users,

I need some help with the following problem:

I working on some web service which will be hosted on the Glassfish
(v2). Web service is configured via annotations and with Spring beans
Client for the web service is deployed on Tomcat 6 and is also
configured via SpringContext.

When I run the web service over HTTP it runs well, but I am not able
to turn on communication via HTTPS.
Currently I get the following exception: "Software caused connection
abort: recv failed"

Messages on different forums and usenet groups point to different
problems that I tried to eliminate one by one.

So currently I've done the following things:

On the web service server side:
1. <security-constraint> defined in web.xml
2. inInterceptors defined with "Signature" property + properly set
names for certificate alias

When I connect to the WSDL file with Firefox I receive login dialog
where I have to choose proper certificate and I'm able to login and
see the WSDL file.

On the web server client side I have:
1. outInterceptors with "Signature" property configured
2. <http:conduit> defined + properly set key alias

Do you have any idea where I could have made a mistake?

Additionally, some questions:
Q1. Do I need <http:conduit> element in web service server configuration?
Q2. Which is the right way to turn on HTTPS on the server? I have
<security-constraint> defined in web.xml - is it ok?

Any help would be appreciated as I run out of ideas how to solve it
and what/where else to check :-(

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