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From Jean Jacobs <>
Subject CXF 2.1 client problem consuming SOAP 1.2 RPC-lit endpoint
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 17:56:32 GMT

I was testing the CXF 2.1 client with SOAP 1.2.  I got an RPC-literal
endpoint from the White Mesa server and had problems consuming it with the
CXF client.  (I had no problems using soapUI.)  I found 3 distinct issues:

1. The client defaults to sending a chunked message to the server.  The
White Mesa server apparently does not support chunking.  I was able to get
past this problem by configuring the client to not allow chunking.

2. Once the chunking issue was resolved, I got further but got a SOAP fault
saying that the operation was not recognized.  The White Mesa WSDL specifies
a namespace attribute in the SOAP body element in the BINDING that differs
from the abstract messages and operations namespace.  CXF does not seem to
be able to handle this.  I worked around this by making the namespaces the
same in the abstract messages and the binding.

3. Once the namespace issue was resolved, I got further, actually getting a
response from the server.  However, the client threw an exception.  Using
TCPMon, I observed that a response was received but the CXF client did not
recognize the <result> element directly inside the operation response
wrapper (See SOAP 1.2 Adjuncts). CXF is complaining that it finds no logical
part that matches this element.

Are these known issues with the CXF 2.1 client consuming SOAP 1.2 RPC-lit
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