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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Putting several services on the same queue
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 06:16:51 GMT

I am building webservice adapters for a legacy system. The system can be 
accessed with a java api but is not multi threaded. So my problem is
that I want to offer several services in one process and still make sure 
only one service is called at a time. To make this scalable I will then 
run this processes several
times on the same and different machines.

So my question is:
Can I offer several services with cxf on the same jms queue in one 
process and make sure the whole process works only on one request at a 
time and routes the reuqest to the right service?

I also would like to make management of this system as easy as possible. 
Ideally I would like this process to be a kind of application server 
where I can install and deinstall services while it is running.
Still they should listen on one queue and work single threaded. I 
imagined doing this with an osgi server. The problem is that probably 
then each bundle will have it´s own cxf and they are not single threaded 

Any ideas for this?

Best regards


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