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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: CXF delivers transformed WSDL on ?wsdl Request
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 15:48:43 GMT

In the catalina.out file or other log file, can you look for lines  
that look something like:

May 12, 2008 1:06:07 PM  


May 12, 2008 1:06:07 PM  

The second is what we want to see.   In the first case, it builds the  
WSDL based on the annotations in the class and such.   The second  
should be using the wsdl properly.     If you see the  
buildServiceFromClass form, you'll need to update the spring config  
(or annotations) to specify the wsdlLocation.


On May 13, 2008, at 8:52 AM, Maurer Uwe wrote:

> Hi,
> I am developing a "contract first" webservice using CXF on Tomcat.  
> The WSDL
> file is originally built by SAP Netweaver and consists of three files:
> ./main.wsdl
> 	- defines <wsdl:service> and imports ./bindings/Http_document.wsdl
> via <wsdl:import>
> ./bindings/Http_document.wsdl
> 	- defines <wsdl:binding> and imports
> ../porttypes/Http_fooservice_document.wsdl
> ./porttypes/http_fooservice_document.wsdl
> 	- defines <wsdl:types>
> I impleneted my service using a JAXB binding generated from the  
> WSDL2Java
> tool. I deploy the three files in a war in WEB-INF/wsdl directory. The
> service itselfs runs - BUT:
> A request with parameter ?wsdl returns a different WSDL file than the
> original. There are only two files left:
> One defining <wsdl:service> and <wsdl:types> and another includes one
> defining <wsdl:binding>. Also some names (Faults) differ. This leads  
> to
> compatibility problems with the service clients.
> Can anyone explain this behaviour to me?
> How can I manage, that the original WSDLs are delivered through the ? 
> wsdl
> request?
> Yours,
> Uwe

Daniel Kulp

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