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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: jaxws binding issue
Date Fri, 02 May 2008 17:45:26 GMT


Just dug into these and found a bunch of issues with the applications of 
the bindings file.   Thanks for the test cases.

In the "case 2" that you have, it MIGHT work if you add a top level 
xsd:annotation/xsd:appinfo element to the schema.  It can be blank, but 
it should be.   The code seems to be using the wrong method to find it 
and it's actually finding the first in the whole tree, not the immediate 
child of schema.  Thus, the global binding stuff is added to the one in 
TestEnum and then screwing everything up.

"case 3" has other issues.   Digging into the code, there are definite 
issues if a jaxws:bindings element has multiple jaxb binding things in 
it.  It looks like only the first jaxb:bindings element is honored and 
jaxb:globalBindings isn't honored at all if there is a jaxb:bindings.

Thus, you MAY be able to work around it with multiple jaxws:bindings 
elements, each with a single jaxb extensor in it.

In anycase, I should have fixes for it shortly.  With the Apache SVN 
issues, I'm not sure if I'll get it committed today or not.


Adrian C wrote:
> Hi Glen 
> Thanks for the reply - there are so many connotations of this its crazy! :)
> But have created a JIRA issue.
> There seems to be a work around, however its not one that will work for me.
> There is an interoperability issue between CXF and .NET 2.0 ... problem
> seems to be on the .net side. .NET 2.0 is not able to handle dates in the
> format yyyy '-' mm '-' dd 'T00:00:00' zzzzzz? (the lexical representation)
> it is only able to handle the canonical representation. Therefore to help
> any .NET consumers of our service, we plan to able to specify our own class
> generate xsd:date as cononical format always and to parse either. However we
> don;t want out java users to have to have our date parsing class on their
> classpath to generate their consumer! So having the xsd:date customisation
> inline is not a runner for us!
> Thanks,
> Adrian
> Glen Mazza-2 wrote:
>> Please take a look at our bindings samples:
>> Is anything related to your problem--if you try to configure the binding
>> in a different manner (within WSDL, or separate on command line), do the
>> same problems occur?
>> If so, I would recommend sending a JIRA report on this problem
>> ( us the simplest WSDL
>> and binding file that works like a charm on Metro but raises problems
>> with CXF.
>> Note that CXF uses the same JAXB library as Metro, so anything
>> JAXB-related should be the same between the two WS stacks.
>> Thanks,
>> Glen
>> 2008-04-24 Adrian C wrote:
>>> Has no one come across an issue similar to this - am lead to believe its
>>> a
>>> bug in the wsdl2java tooling as I can get this to work with wsimport!
>>> Adrian C wrote:
>>>> I am having some problems with jaxw binding customizations. 
>>>> The first problem that I am having is mixing a globalBindings
>>> definition
>>>> with a bindings - the global bindings seems to be ignored. For the
>>> example
>>>> below if I use it as is, I only get my typesafeEnumClass generated. My
>>>> instances of XMLGregorianCalendar are not replaced with java.util.Date.
>>>> However, if I remove the jaxb:bindings node then the global binding
>>> works
>>>> fine. Can anyone shed any light on this?
>>>> The other issue I have is if I have in-lined customizations and
>>> external
>>>> customizations I cam getting an error reporting inconsistencies -
>>> anyone
>>>> ever had this issue and resolved it?
>>>> This has all been doing my nut in - so any help would be appreciated!
>>>> <jaxws:bindings wsdlLocation="../Output/IdentityManagement_v1.wsdl"
>>>> 	xmlns:jaxws=""
>>>> 	xmlns:xsd=""
>>>> 	xmlns:jaxb=""
>>>> 	xmlns:wsdl="" version="2.0">
>>>> 	<jaxws:bindings
>>> node="wsdl:definitions/wsdl:types/xsd:schema[@targetNamespace='']">
>>>> 		<jaxb:globalBindings>
>>>> 			<jaxb:javaType name="java.util.Date" xmlType="xsd:date"
>>>> 				parseMethod=""
>>>> 				printMethod=""
>>> />
>>>> 		</jaxb:globalBindings>
>>>> 		<jaxb:bindings node="./xsd:simpleType[@name='MyEnum']">
>>>> 			<jaxb:typesafeEnumClass>
>>>> 				<jaxb:typesafeEnumMember name="ZERO" value="0" />
>>>> 			</jaxb:typesafeEnumClass>
>>>> 		</jaxb:bindings>
>>>> 	</jaxws:bindings>
>>>> </jaxws:bindings>
>>>> Thanks

Daniel Kulp

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