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From Arul Dhesiaseelan <>
Subject Re: overloaded operation names in JAX-WS
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 23:16:05 GMT
Thanks Ian. I am using CXF on both ends. So, your solution works great 
for me.


Ian Roberts wrote:
> Arul Dhesiaseelan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am getting an IllegalArgumentException (An operation with name 
>> [{}getGroups] already exists in this service) when 
>> I have overloaded methods in my web service.
>> Is it not supported to have overloaded web service methods in JAX-WS?
>> I have the following methods:
>> public Groups getGroups();
>> public Groups getGroups(String pattern);
> No, all the operations must have different names in the WSDL.  If you 
> are using CXF on both client and server side, you can do something like:
> @WebMethod
> public Groups getGroups();
> @WebMethod(operationName = "getGroupsByPattern")
> public Groups getGroups(String pattern);
> This would give the two operations different names in the WSDL, but 
> you can use the Java interface as the serviceClass of a 
> JaxWsProxyFactoryBean and call both methods via their overloaded name.
> Ian
> P.S. If you were to generate code from the WSDL you would get public 
> Groups getGroupsByPattern(String arg0), of course.

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