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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: Null paramaters using CXF when deployed to jetty with CXFServlet
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 22:12:05 GMT
Are you using CXF's simple front end instead of its jaxws front end?  I
think you want the latter for CXF.  That might explain the problem.
(Also, did you run wsdl2java to generate the JAXB mappings to the XSDs
in the WSDL?)  


Am Dienstag, den 01.04.2008, 12:21 -0700 schrieb depstei2:
> Hello, I have a web service that works fine when using cxf on Tomcat, but
> when I try to deploy on embedded jetty using the
> org.apache.cxf.transport.servlet.CXFServlet, I get null parameters in my
> service method calls, even though the cxf logger shows that the payloads of
> the messages contain correct data.  When I switch to using sun's jaxws-rt's
>, the service will work
> as expected on jetty embedded. 
> The null parameter does not occur when the parameter is a primitive type,
> but happens for all other parameter types.
> Has anyone come across this problem?  Any ideas?  

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