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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Getting the total size of a DataHandler-type Request Parameter
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2008 16:58:53 GMT


This question is hard for me to phrase exactly, but for a SOAP request which
contains an input parameter which is resolved as a DataHandler by JAX-WS, is
there a way to determine the total size in bytes of that DataHandler object? 
Can I rely on any HTTP headers for that information?

I'm trying to insert the DataHandler-based object into a CLOB column in an
Oracle database table.  AFAICT inserting CLOBs requires a length parameter,
which I don't know because the DataHandler object is resolved as a sizeless
InputStream in the service's Java code.  This forces us to serialize the
InputStream into a file first so I can determine its length, prior to
inserting into Oracle.  It is this serialization part I'd like to remove if
I can.

Content-Length might be a possibility, but that would take into account the
message as a whole, also, I think with MTOM chunking/multiple sends occurs
so the value of C-L wouldn't necessarily map to the size of the DataHandler
object.   Overall, I'd just like to confirm here that there is nothing much
I can accurately rely on within JAX-WS to get the DataHandler size.


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