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From SBixby <>
Subject XFire->CXF, "Local" client
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 19:00:49 GMT

Our XFire project used a spring-provided configuration to retrieve a "local"
service for JUnit-based testing (using Spring's transactional injection test
class as a base).

The code that accesses the service looks like this:

        String name = "someServiceName";
        XFire xfire = (XFire) applicationContext.getBean("xfire");
        ServiceRegistry serviceRegistry = xfire.getServiceRegistry();
        Service service = serviceRegistry.getService(name);
        XFireProxyFactory factory = new XFireProxyFactory(xfire);
        return (WebServiceBase) factory.create(service, "xfire.local://" +

Another developer on the project wrote this but he's on vacation, so I can't
pick his brain.  I'm pretty sure he dug it up from some XFire sample

Is there a CXF equivalent?  I see something about a "local://*" mechanism
but I'm not sure how to make that work without modifying the configuration
to add another :endpoint as shown in the CXF docs.

Suggestions?  Thanks. :)
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