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From "Eric Le Goff" <>
Subject Re: JAXB Unmarshalling
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2007 11:43:52 GMT

Thanks for the tips which was exactly what I had been expecting

> [Liu, Jervis] You don't have to use JAX-WS Dispatch API in this case. Once you grab the
InputStream from HTTPClient (or other lightweight http client stack), you can call JAXB to
marshal the response to your Customer object. There is no point to use a heavy stack like
a JAX-WS runtime to do such a simple task. Following code snippet should do the job:
>     public Object getObjectFromInputStream (Class<Object> type,  InputStream is)

BTW I had to replace with
public Object getObjectFromInputStream (Class<?> type,  InputStream is) {
so that I could call a getObjectFromInputStream(Customer.class, is)

Would not it be nice if this piece of code was part of CXF , because I
guess I am not the only one who needs this

Eric Le Goff

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