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From priya j <>
Subject Queries in handling the exeception for Http binding for RESTful Service
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 03:23:41 GMT

Hi all,
I am using the cxf - HTTP Binding for RESTful service to build a web Service
i have two question in handling the exception :

1) I get the error xml as

<ns1:XMLFault xmlns:ns1="">
	<ns1:faultstring xmlns:ns1="">
		sg.sphsearch.sfe.webService.server.ErrorFault: dtgdtgd
	<ns1:detail xmlns:ns1="">
		<ErrorDetails xmlns="">
			<message>Invalid request parameter query.</message>			

is that any way i can remove the ns1 and faultstring from my output. So that
the following output is

<ErrorDetails xmlns="">
		<message>Invalid request parameter query.</message>			

2) Is that any way to handle all the HTTP status code exception, if so can
anyone send me a sample of it.

Please do help me in doing this.
Thanks inadvance.

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