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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject RE: anyType is not the same thing as xs:any :-)
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2007 23:12:23 GMT

Continued thought leads me to believe that we've got a mismatch of
theory here.

Your goal is to pass an arbitrary complex object across the service.

If that arbitrary object corresponds to some type in your WSDL's
schemas, then you can express it as xs:any. At least, you can with JAXB
with a bit of care about namespaces. And then the CXF Javascript
generator will take care of marshalling it.

However, as I reread your messages, and also consider your WSDL, it
seems to me that you want objects that don't correspond to types or
elements in your XML schema. So, there's nothing the CXF code is going
to do for you.

If you declare the item as Collection<String>, then you can pile up the
complex objects as XML, or JSON, or REST, or whatever appeals to you,
and process them on the server. Because, at the end of the day, the
SERVER side will only know how to handle types that are in the schema
somehow. If you go that way, the JavaScript dept should be ready to go.

The only caution is CXF-1333, which will bite you if you try to use
Collection<JDOMElement> instead of just using Collection<String> and
then parsing the strings as XML for yourself.

The only think I think I could be missing here is that you might be
planning to use xsi:type attributes to clue in Aegis. That would be a
very hard case for me to add to the JavaScript device, since it would
have no idea how to appropriately marshall the JavaScript object to
correspond to the expectations on the server.


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