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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Progress
Date Sun, 23 Dec 2007 03:09:48 GMT
I'm making progress with 'any'.

Having done the reading, I now have a much more coherent view of the

<xs:any/> allows some number of global elements. In XML Schema in
general, they are not necessarily described by any XSD in the
neighborhood. The namespace attribute constrains where they come from.

In CXF, as I've coded this so far, 'any' will be restricted to types
know to the service. I'm pretty certain that this is the same as the
situation in the Java side with JAXB.

To fill in an xs:any to send it to the server, you will code:

var myObject = new constructor_generated_by_cxf();
myObject.setX('a'); ...
var any = new org_apache_cxf_any_holder('{mynamespace}myLocalName',

For the first cut, only one 'any' per bean, please. And no simple types
yet. I see how to relax those, but I want to get this much working

If you set min and max occurs, you had better set the namespace to avoid
an invalidly ambiguous schema. I don't know if CXF will catch you if you
mess this up.


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