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From "Vespa, Anthony J" <>
Subject Help! Aegis not mapping Java.Util.Collection properly
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 18:38:27 GMT

I am having a problem trying to return a 'complex object' that contains
a java.util.collection as one of the properties.  I've written a SOAP
service using Aegis binding and I want to pass in a generic return type
from the various data accessing functions I have written.  I am getting
this error in my SOAPUI:

Mon Nov 05 13:17:48 EST 2007:WARN: error: src-resolve: type
'ArrayOfAnyType@' not found.

I have defined the class as such:

@XmlType(name = "wsResponse", namespace = "")
public class wsResponse<T>  {

    protected Collection<T> response;
    protected String sName;
    protected String sessionId;

    public wsResponse(Collection<T> os) {
        this.response = os;

    public wsResponse() {


    public void setResponse(Collection<T> response) {
        this.response = response;

   public Collection<T> getResponse() {
       return response;

... (other setters//getters)

Please help, I have been held up for 2 days!

Though there are no real examples out there, the Xfire/CXF docs 'claim'
this should be automatic with Java 1.5



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