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From Jeff Yu <>
Subject Re: simple-frontend.html
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 01:57:52 GMT
At the bottom of simple-frontend.html, there is a tip talked about this, 
see this JIRA for detail:

I updated it "Others" title to "Well-Known issue" for easily to get 
people's attention.


Jonathan Slate wrote:
> Just wanted to ask about an issue I had and a possible problem with 
> the documentation on the Web site.
> In trying to learn CXF, I created a HelloWorld service using Spring , 
> following the instructions on this page:
> I then created a separate client application (not using Spring) using 
> the instructions on this page:
> (under heading 
> ClientProxyFactoryBean)
> This did not work, the "text" argument was null when the sayHi method 
> was called. So I set up a Spring client following the instructions on 
> the first page mentioned above. That worked. Eventually I figured out 
> that the Spring example had me creating a new JaxWsProxyFactoryBean 
> whereas the simple frontend example had me creating a new 
> ClientProxyFactoryBean. This resulted in slightly different SOAP 
> calls, specifically in the "arg0" tag:
> <arg0 xmlns="http://example.hello/">World</arg0>   
> (ClientProxyFactoryBean)
> <arg0>World</arg0> (JaxWsProxyFactoryBean)
> For some reason, the former causes the method to be called with arg0 
> as null. Also, with the ClientProxyFactoryBean, the result returned to 
> the client is null, despite the fact that the soap message contains 
> the return value "Hello null."
> Anyway, at this point it's working for me. But I'm wondering if there 
> is a simple explaination for this, and if perhaps the simple frontend 
> documentation should be updated to use JaxWsProxyFactoryBean.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan Slate

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