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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: WSDL Validator - what does this tool really validate?
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 18:11:01 GMT

I think if you don't specify a -s flag, it uses the wsdl and soap schemas 
that we have embedded in the jars.    The -s allows you to additionaly 
specify schemas for any custom extensors you may have in there (like 
maybe jaxb/jaxws customization extensors, etc....)

It does do basic schema validation via the wsdl schemas.   It also does 
do some WSI-BP validation.   Not really sure what level.


On Sunday 30 September 2007, Klaus P. Berg wrote:
> Hello,
> does anybody know, what the wsdlvalidator tool really "validates" if I
> do not provide any user specific schema with the "-s" option, ie., if
> I only specify my wsdl file path?
> Unfortenately, there is no information about "what" validation really
> means in the CXF documentation.
> Sometimes I get errors like:
> WSDLValidator Error : Violate WSI-BP-1.0 R2717 soapBody in the
> input/output of the binding operation
> but this seems to be a bug in 2.0.1...
> So, does this mean that wsdlvalidator does check even the WS-I basic
> profile 1.0 (BTW: we have BP 1.1 already)...?
> --Klaus

J. Daniel Kulp
Principal Engineer
P: 781-902-8727    C: 508-380-7194

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