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From Fred Dushin <>
Subject Bus Features [was: Logging ...]
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2007 18:51:44 GMT

On Aug 24, 2007, at 11:36 AM, Daniel Kulp wrote:

>     <cxf:bus>
>         <cxf:features>
>             <cxf:logging/>
>         </cxf:features>
>     </cxf:bus>

How do Bus-level features interact with endpoint- or client-level  
features?  For example, if I have


<jaxws:endpoint name="{}FUBAR">

and a servant is instantiated under the WSDL Port {} 
FUBAR, is a feature instantiated twice, once for the Bus, qua  
InterceptorProvider, and once for the Endpoint, qua InterceptorProvider?

If it's instantiated twice, is there any way a feature implementor to  
traverse the interceptors on each InterceptorProvider, to see if a  
feature has been installed, or are these interceptor lists  
independent of one another?

(The reason I ask is, there might be a tendency to think of the  
feature config on the Bus as a kind of default, such that if a  
feature is defined at endpoint granularity, that feature is the  
effective feature in config, whereas if there is no such config at  
endpoint granularity, the runtime would fall back to the Bus config.   
But I'm guessing that's really not the behavior here, is it?)


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