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From Jesse Barnum <>
Subject Minimal set of jars for dynamic client
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2007 16:44:42 GMT
Hi, I'm new to CXF and am just evaluating it - have not tried to use  
it yet. The DynamicClientFactory ( 
dynamic-clients.html ) looks perfect for what I need.

My question regards jar packaging and file size. I only need the  
client functionality, and file size is very important because users  
will be downloading this application from the web. The lib directory  
I downloaded is 9.8 megabytes and contains 55 jars. Is there some  
stripped-down subset that I can use if I only need a bare-bones  
client? Ideally I'd like to be <1 megabyte, but I could live with 2  

--Jesse Barnum, President, 360Works
(770) 234-9293

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