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From James Mao <>
Subject Re: Code generation on Eclipse 3.2 STP 0.6
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2007 02:38:29 GMT

I see the problem, the problem is caused by that you have a service 
named "Teste" and also you have a portType named "Teste"
According to the jaxws spec, we have a way to solve the naming collision,
in command line tools we support the naming collision,  you will get the 
following artifacts when using command line wsdl2java  (SEI) (Client stub) (Client main line code) (Service main line code) (Impl)

but seems that the STP does not use the command line generators to 
generate the artifacts, and they generate the artifacts by them self
So your is actually your Client stub (, 
the SEI class has been overwrite by this class, that cause the 
compilation error.

I'll talk this to STP team, hope they can fix this soon.

So stay tuned

BTW, the work around solution is rename your service to "TesteService"


> Hi folks,
> I'm a experienced Delphi user and the IndySOAP library contributor (on 
> sourceforge).
> Now I am trying to change to Java using Eclipse and STP.
> I'm using CTX 2.0 thru Eclipse STP 0.6 plugin.
> I built a very simple test WSDL and then I generated the java source 
> code using the Java-WS tool / Generating Code.
> The code were generated without erros but when I try to compile it, it 
> has compiler errors in 2 classes:
> Implementation Class:
> public class TesteImpl implements Teste {
> Error: The type Teste cannot be a superinterface of TesteImpl; a 
> superinterface must be an interface
> It's probably a small glitch because all code were generated. How can 
> I fix it?
> The model and the WSDL is located on:   
> Thanks in advance,
> Josir Gomes
> Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

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