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From "Cameron Jones" <>
Subject CXF with Maven Modules
Date Sun, 08 Jul 2007 22:19:33 GMT
Hi CXF'ers,

I've just gotton started on CXF today as i've been using xfire up to
now and i was wondering if there are any examples which use Maven?
I've checked the samples in the release however they're all ant based.
What i really want is a module structure where the WSDL is generated
from annotated java classes and then that WSDL file is used by the
client module to generate the stubs.

The main areas i'm having trouble with are knowing which dependencies
are essential for each module (i try to avoid unnecessary dependencies
where possible especially for what i'd like to be the 'thin client'),
how to generate the WSDL from java classes within maven, and how to do
this all with annotations in eclipse (i'm having trouble getting them
compiled)? Also, i'm unsure how to structure the modules so that the
client doesn't have a dependency on the entire web service component
with all classes and dependencies but so that it's an integrated part
of the module.

Sorry if this is a bit of an open question, i've really been trying to
find a good tutorial on the subject but i'm thinking that with CXF
being such a new project no-one has filled the gap. If someone could
send me a link to a good open source project which does this kind of
thing in Maven that would be amazing, otherwise any recommendations
are most appreciated.


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