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From Dan Connelly <>
Subject Re: Skipping some layers in the interceptor chain
Date Sat, 02 Jun 2007 07:14:58 GMT

I have been thinking of using the SourceDataBinding for a similar use 
case.     Have you tried that?   Does it avoid the inefficiency?

I have not tried this myself yet, so I raise it out of curiosity.   
Please post your experience.

(Can I assume that you are integrating CXF with Orbeon since you are 
active on that list as well?)

       -- Dan Connelly

Shaw, Richard A wrote:
> I have the following requirement and was wondering whether anybody could tell me if it
is possible -
> 1 - I have an XML string which represents the logical message for a request
> 2 - I want to use this to make a request on an appropriate service 
> 3 - I want to catch the reply at the XML level without creating a java object
> 4 - transform the reply using a XSL stylesheet to be the logical message of another service
> 5 - send the logical message to the final service
> This is for a generic data fetch. It requests data from a SOA component, transforms the
data into a set message, which is sent to my datastore component. I don't want to write a
new component for every type of data source that I want to fetch data from.
> I have implemented the above using the original Celtix code, but it has the following
inefficiencies -
> 1 - I load the XML from my config. unmarshal it into an object and then use that to call
my service which will marshal as its first step
> 3 - the response is unmarshalled into a java object so I then marshal it back to an XML
stream to pass to the XSLT transformer
> 5 - I unmarshal the transformed XML into a java object and use that to call my data storage
> Thanks
> Richard Shaw
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