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From "Steven E. Harris" <>
Subject Re: JAX-WS enableAsyncMapping directive not respected
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 17:06:40 GMT
Andrea Smyth <> writes:

> What comes to mind are the wsdl location in the bindings element

There I'm using a relative path:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <jaxws:bindings node="wsdl:definitions">
      <jaxws:package name="my.specific.package"/>

Though the names have been changed, you can see that I'm referring to
WSDL file that's in the same directory as the bindings file (as a
sibling). I can tell this file is being read because the jaxws:package
directive is being honored. If I remove that directive, the generated
code winds up in a different package.

> and the arguments for the codegen-plugin: do you use relative or
> absolute paths for wsdl/external binding file?

There I'm using absolute paths, like so:


The schema files are sitting in one Maven module, this being a
multi-module project, and I'm referring to them from within a sibling
module's POM here.

> Have a look at the pom.xml in module cxf-testutils - this does use
> the cxf-codegen-plugin and an external binding file to generate
> async client stubs.

I found the examples you refer to. They use just one "-b" argument to
the codegen plugin, but they specify the WSDL and binding file
locations much the same as my case. The only difference I can see here
is the lack of an explicit namespace prefix in use in the JAX-WS
binding file (mine uses "jaxws" as shown above).

I tried removing the namespace prefix, removing my package
customization directive, and removing the second "-b" argument
specifying a separate JAXB bindings file, all to no avail. There is
still no change in the generated code.

Steven E. Harris

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