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From Freeman Fang <>
Subject Re: soap:address location
Date Thu, 31 May 2007 03:06:42 GMT
Hi John,

If you want a dynamic server location/path in wsdl, you need deploy your 
service into servlet container. If you start standalone server, you need 
specify address for jaxws:endpoint(like 
http://localhost:9000/hello_wold) in your spring configuration file.

Would you please send us your test case if you still have problem?

Thanks very much


John Pederzolli wrote:
> When setting up the JAXWS hello world example with Spring, the WSDL generated
> has defines the endpoint as
> <soap:address location="/helloWorldService"/>
> instead of a dynamic server location/path as I would expect. Is this a
> configuration problem on my part or a bug. The interface of the object being
> exposed as a service only has the @WebService annotation and the service is
> configured as:
> 	<jaxws:endpoint id="helloWorldService"
> 		implementor="#helloWorldServiceBean" address="/helloWorldService" />
> Thanks for any assistance.
> - John

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