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From Freeman Fang <>
Subject Re: helloworld sample simpleType restriction not working
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 02:01:30 GMT
Hi Feng,

Brice is correct, generated stub can't do the schema validation.
But if you run client from ant client, you will see we do this schema 
validation since by this way, we pass in wsdl to the client, so the 
client can build service model from wsdl, which include the schema 
In fact, we show this feature in the demo code, in client main line you 
can see

System.out.println("Invoking greetMe with invalid length string, 
expecting exception...");
        try {
            resp = port.greetMe("Invoking greetMe with invalid length 
string, expecting exception...");
        } catch (Exception e) {
            System.out.println("Expected exception has occurred: " + 

Thanks very much


Brice Ruth wrote:
> If the schema restricts a data type, then you have to validate the 
> input or
> output (input at the server, output at the client). Most (all?) service
> stacks will not validate by default. I have never seen generated stubs do
> anything with this. To my knowledge, you would need to use a service with
> "document" binding (rpc binding does things that make it impractical or
> impossible to validate against a constant schema, I think). Then 
> you'll want
> an in-handler (at the server) or an out-handler (at the client) that 
> takes
> the relevant part of the body of the SOAP message and validates 
> against the
> schema you have. You had better have a schema-first mindset, because
> validating against the schema that's present in the WSDL will prove
> technically challenging (at best), I believe.
> Are you comparing CXF to another stack that exhibits the behavior you're
> looking for?
> Cheers,
> Brice
> On 5/24/07, Feng Zhang <> wrote:
>> Dear CXF team:
>>   After investigating, I think this is a bug.
>>   For the CXF helloworld example, there is a restiction on greetMe 
>> request
>> type of maxlength=30 in the helloworld wsdl file, after wsdl2java, this
>> restriction is not translated into java code or any mechanism to enforce
>> it.
>> So when I use soapUI to test the greetMe operation, no fault thrown 
>> when I
>> type in 40+ long characters. The service behaves to ignore the initial
>> contract with the length restriction in wsdl.
>>   Also,  my soapUI says "initializing SSL" when connecting to the
>> helloworld.wsdl, which puzzeled me, I didnot see anything related to SSL
>> in
>> the helloworld.wsdl.
>>   Please help on this if you could. Thanks in advance!
>> Sincerely
>> Feng

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