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From "Dan Diephouse" <>
Subject Re: Help diagnosing a simple example
Date Sat, 30 Dec 2006 14:56:37 GMT

On 12/29/06, Ted Neward <> wrote:
> Hmm. That makes sense, but it seems wasteful to have to conjure up a new
> type for both request and response on every operation. (I know the reasoning
> behind doc/literal and so forth, but just wondering if there's a happy
> medium here somewhere.)

Well its completely optional to specify @Request/@ResponseWrappers.
Personally I'm not a big fan of it either.(On the other hand, I
believe there are edge cases that require a solution like this - I
just don't remember what they are off hand)

> On another note, is there any way I can write an "open-ended" endpoint in
> JAXWS? What I mean is to write a method that takes the SOAP message itself
> as a parameter, not some strongly-typed Java bean, so I can pick the message
> apart by hand. (In WCF, this is done via declaring a service contract with
> an operation taking a Message parameter; anything equivalent in JAXWS or
> CXF?)
What you want are JAX-WS Providers. :-) This document seems to have a
decent explanation:

 - Dan

Dan Diephouse
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