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From Mark Kralj-Taylor <>
Subject CXF scope and relationship to other Apache projects
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 22:37:35 GMT
I have some questions to help me understand what CXF is and isn't....

What is scope of CXF services framework?
- is CXF a SOAP runtime, or does it build on another SOAP runtime like 
Axis2 or XFire?
   - what SOAP message APIs does CXF use? own or some other? are they 
streaming friendly (e.g. random access to caches header, with option for 
StAX stream over body)
   - can CXF be used for non SOAP messaging, i.e. a general messaging 
runtime and services container for non-XML soap and even non XML 
messaging. Can custom transport implementations be plugged in.
- is CXF a message broker / exchange / ESB type product?
- for general config of user provided code does CXF use Spring or 
provide own config (possibly IoC) mechanisms?

What is relationship to of CXF to other Apache projects especially: 
Axis2, Tuscany, ServiceMix....
 I guess I'm asking how much CXF builds-on, integrates into, or overlaps 
with and is possibly in competition with other Apache projects.
    Is CXF related to any non Apache projects, e.g. XFire, Spring, if so 
how ?

Are any companies providing development resource to CXF?

What is status of CXF. Is there a stable production ready release?
Any info on performance and stability?
What is release schedule, looks like CXF might be in early stages based 
on project status page:


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