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From Jason <>
Subject Starting out
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 13:28:24 GMT
Ok, my experience of 'web-services' currently extends to 4-days of 
confusion trying to assimilate various tutorials, blog entries, webcasts 
etc (although I've also read Eric Newcomer's book).  So, I have a 10,000 
ft kind of understanding ...
My question is simple.  What learning resources should I spend valuable 
time ploughing through to get down to the ground-level with cxf?  I've 
looked at Sun's tutorial on Jax-WS and tutorials at Celtix / Xfire, but 
it's not immediately clear to me how I relate them to cxf.
Essentially I'm looking at Callisto with a large number of new cxf 
projects in the explorer and ... what/where next?
I was working through a FUSE tutorial until a fatal error left me 
stranded and prompted me to look at cxf, although I'm more inclined to 
commit resource to cxf because of its support for REST.  I therefore 
kinda want to build my own cxf tutorial.
Thanks for your help, and perhaps any answers to this mail will be 
helpful to other novices.
Many thanks

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