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From eirmag <>
Subject Calls to multiple web service provider within Activiti fail with a Marshalling Error
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 15:28:56 GMT
First of all, I would like to apologize if people consider I'm cross posting.
I already created a post entry in the Activiti forum, but I still create
this post to have a better understanding on how CXF handles requests.

The initial problem (that I also describe in :
I would like to achieve a "simple" thing with activiti: call several service
providers sequentially. But so far I'm unable to do so! I've created a
testcase project to understand exactly what is wrong, with different tests.
The test case creates two service provider, deployed in virtually different
* A counter service provider, that exposes one method with one parameter.
The service is deployed on endpoint
* An echo service provider, that exposes one method with one parameter. The
service is deployed on endpoint

Now, the problem I face is "simple" but I'm unable to find the root cause:
Whenever I call a service task from one endpoint, I'm not able to call the
other service. For instance, if the first service that I call is the counter
service, I'm unable to contact the echo server. The reverse (echo server
contacted first -> unable to contact the counter service) produces the same

The exception produced when calling the second service provider is attached
to this entry, and is my main concern. I don't understand why CXF is not
able to retrieve the generated object in the context of the second service
provider. There is something that I miss, and I don't know where it comes
from. For this exception, it occurs when I first launch the business process
to contact the Echo server, then when activiti tries to access the second
service provider (the counter service), the big CXF exception is displayed
(cannot find the Inc class generated by CXF even though in the 2nd line of
the listing, the log says the class is created).

I've re-created a small eclipse project, that you can test if you want to
observe/debug/test, at the following location: You'll probably have to add your
CXF runtime to the eclipse project. Mine was 2.6.1, with sun (oracle) jdk
1.7. Once open, you can directly launch the unit test suite in

Let me know if you have some ideas, and thanks a lot for your help,
Best regards,


PS: raw exception, as displayed in the activiti post. You can have the
complete listing at the root of the archive.

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