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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Test Cases failing due to double slash in the URL generated by CXF
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 21:21:59 GMT
Hi Irfan,
I'll probably update UriInfo impl to check if the base uri ends with 
'//' and if yes then strip the last '/', as I'm not sure where else to 

thanks, Sergey
On 25/11/11 06:57, irfannagoo wrote:
> Hi Sergey,
> Thanks for spending time on it. Actually, we are using SOA test in which
> generated wadl is used to invoke various REST operations. Point to be noted,
> this issue is happening occasionally and is difficult to reproduce. However,
> I would like to give more information to troubleshoot this issue:
> We have about 10 apps (exposing REST interface) bundled in an ear and
> deployed on Websphere 8.0 server and we have upgraded to CXF 2.4.3. Some of
> the app have "/*"  CXFServlet mapping value in the web.xml entry and others
> have "/v1/*" entry for CXFServlet. springConfig.xml values is same for both
> types.
> The double slash problem is observed only in the app which have "/v1/*"
> mapping value. In addition to this, sometimes when we install an ear on the
> server, wadl generated is perfect and other times we have double slash in
> the wadl (not expected). Even sometimes after putting empty address value in
> the springConfig.xml and restarting the server solved the problem :
> <jaxrs:server id="MyBean" address="">
>                  <jaxrs:serviceBeans>
>                          <bean class="" />
>                  </jaxrs:serviceBeans>
>                   .......
>                   .......
> </jaxrs:server>
> However, this is not the expected behaviour.
> All our app are initialized randomly by the server since we do not need the
> order of initialization of apps. We also thought it could be that due to
> random initialization of apps everytime we restart the server, CXF generates
> inconsistent url in the wadl using the different CXFServlet mapping value in
> the web.xml.
> Please let me know in case you need more information.
> Thanks, Irfan
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