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From irfannagoo <>
Subject Re: Test Cases failing due to double slash in the URL generated by CXF
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 06:57:36 GMT
Hi Sergey,

Thanks for spending time on it. Actually, we are using SOA test in which
generated wadl is used to invoke various REST operations. Point to be noted,
this issue is happening occasionally and is difficult to reproduce. However,
I would like to give more information to troubleshoot this issue:

We have about 10 apps (exposing REST interface) bundled in an ear and
deployed on Websphere 8.0 server and we have upgraded to CXF 2.4.3. Some of
the app have "/*"  CXFServlet mapping value in the web.xml entry and others
have "/v1/*" entry for CXFServlet. springConfig.xml values is same for both

The double slash problem is observed only in the app which have "/v1/*"
mapping value. In addition to this, sometimes when we install an ear on the
server, wadl generated is perfect and other times we have double slash in
the wadl (not expected). Even sometimes after putting empty address value in
the springConfig.xml and restarting the server solved the problem :

<jaxrs:server id="MyBean" address="">
                        <bean class="" />

However, this is not the expected behaviour.

All our app are initialized randomly by the server since we do not need the
order of initialization of apps. We also thought it could be that due to
random initialization of apps everytime we restart the server, CXF generates
inconsistent url in the wadl using the different CXFServlet mapping value in
the web.xml.

Please let me know in case you need more information.

Thanks, Irfan

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