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Subject Issues with Attachments: week of 2008-05-26
Date Mon, 26 May 2008 08:14:00 GMT

CXF - Monday, May 26, 2008

  35 Issues with Attachments

  (sorted oldest to newest)

  2006-07-19 [CXF-1379] tools tests fail on Linux

  2007-03-28 [CXF-1368] IDLToWSDL tool cannot handle includes

  2007-08-09 [CXF-1367] Building tools fails when there is a space in the path name

  2007-08-22 [CXF-932] dynamic client needs to handle more complex wsdl

  2007-09-13 [CXF-999] SOAP 1.1 Fault returned with HTTP 200 status code

  2007-09-14 [CXF-1012] Exception handling

  2007-09-28 [CXF-1079] wsdl2java fails to genrate wrapped style

  2007-10-21 [CXF-1125] java_first_jaxws example should use maven and JaxWs*FactoryBean

  2007-11-14 [CXF-1210] cvc-complex-type.2.4.c: The matching wildcard is strict, but no declaration
can be found for element 'http:destination'.  in my https configuration

  2007-12-06 [CXF-1266] Nil value for nillable array element is default-constructed

  2007-12-15 [CXF-1303] WSDL validator doesn't diagnose undefined type in an attribute

  2007-12-16 [CXF-1304] Uninformative error message from wsdl2java on some problem with an

  2007-12-21 [CXF-1325] Tests for the cxf-basic-http archetype

  2007-12-26 [CXF-1340] wsdl2java overwrites objectFactory methods if multiple service classes
are in the same package, causes value type inheritance problems

  2008-01-04 [CXF-1355] Port Jsr181HandlerMapping from Xfire

  2008-01-05 [CXF-1356] Problem with unmarschalling parameters

  2008-01-10 [CXF-1387] Support for GZIP compression of HTTP payloads

  2008-01-11 [CXF-1390] Upgrade to Spring 2.5

  2008-01-17 [CXF-1394] Maven2 for build

  2008-01-24 [CXF-1405] @ProduceMime not used when selecting target method on a resource

  2008-01-27 [CXF-1407] Item element with xmlns="" in Exception with arrays of compex objects

  2008-02-14 [CXF-1434] Better Fault handling demo

  2008-03-12 [CXF-1470] js_provider demo fails using jdk1.6.0_04

  2008-04-01 [CXF-1497] Supplied WSDL soap:address not being updated with actual host name
when queried.

  2008-04-03 [CXF-1500] Very unhelpful error message for wsdl2java problem with documentation

  2008-04-07 [CXF-1505] Problem parsing /schemas/xmldsig-core-schema.xsd (Issue CXF-1200)

  2008-04-16 [CXF-1530] Nillable parameters not rendered.

  2008-04-25 [CXF-1549] Let TLSClientParameters take an SSLSocketFactory

  2008-04-26 [CXF-1551] validation against XML schema - leads to invalid soap response

  2008-04-29 [CXF-1557] WS-Addressing deployed in Tomcat raise exception

  2008-05-01 [CXF-1566] WSDLValidator unit tests fail because of invalid unit test schemas

  2008-05-06 [CXF-1570] NullPointerException in JAXRSUtils

  2008-05-07 [CXF-1578] Json marshall/unmarshall error

  2008-05-19 [CXF-1595] NPE in W3CDOMStreamWriter.writeCharacters caused by StaxUtils.copy

  2008-05-21 [CXF-1602] DataTypeAdapter causes NPE with jaxb-impl 2.1.6 if multiple bindings
go to the same java type

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