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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Implementing MicroProfile's Rest Client here at CXF?
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2017 09:54:22 GMT
Sounds like that should be a separate module which links the current 
impl with the profile, profile and JAX-RS may evolve independently.

Wiring the API lib into 3.2.x can be sensitive, not sure having a mix of 
various API flavors will work well...

On 04/12/17 01:16, John D. Ament wrote:
> The problem I see has to do with how the ResponseExceptionMapper works.
> JAX-RS doesn't define this provider, however the MP Rest Client does, and
> CXF also has this type of provider.  The handling of this provider is in
> two places, ClientProxyImpl and ClientProviderFactory.  We'd have to create
> sublcasses of these to handle the MicroProfile specific cases.
> FWIW, the API JAR is only 12kb.  I'm not sure it could be optional, since I
> was planning to make the CXF interface extend the MP interface
> (ResponseExceptionMapper).
> John
> On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 5:40 PM Andriy Redko <> wrote:
>> Hey John,
>> That would be an interesting feature, useful even beyond just Microprofile
>> actually (imho) :)
>> Should we have a dedicated module for it instead of using the client one?
>> We would
>> have the dependency to Microprofile REST Client SPI/API there, may be it
>> is better
>> not to introduce it into the existing client module (even as an optional)?
>> Best Regards,
>>      Andriy Redko
>> JDA> Hey all
>> JDA> Andy (McCright) and I (as well as some others who don't contribute to
>> CXF)
>> JDA> have been working on another project, specifically around
>> standardizing how
>> JDA> Type Safe rest clients can be built within MIcroProfile.  There's two
>> main
>> JDA> aspects to this, as well as some changes potentially required for a
>> JDA> presently CXF specific provider.
>> JDA> - Programmatic builder API for creating the clients from a JAX-RS
>> annotated
>> JDA> interface
>> JDA> - CDI injection support for interfaces
>> JDA> I have most of an implementation for this working, and would like to
>> start
>> JDA> to bring it into the CXF codebase.  My thought is to bring most of it
>> JDA> directly into the client module, and update some of the core logic
>> there to
>> JDA> work with MicroProfile's APIs.  There are some functional differences
>> JDA> though.  One of the things we felt was important was mapping Response
>> codes
>> JDA> into Exceptions, something that CXF already had support for.  The
>> behavior
>> JDA> is a little different in that we will evaluate multiple mappers as
>> well as
>> JDA> handle any response code.
>> JDA> You can read more about the API and specification at
>> JDA>
>> JDA> You can also see the base impl I've started on at
>> JDA>
>> JDA> John

Sergey Beryozkin

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