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From Andriy Redko <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Status of 3.0.x...
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2017 19:14:21 GMT
I think that keeping 3.2.x on master would make sense, at least till 3.2.1.  As Dennis pointed
with Java 9 just a few weeks away we may branch off 3.2 later and work on 3.3 (master) to
make it good 
Jigsaw citizen. Supporting only 3.1.x and dropping 3.0.x sounds reasonable, +1 to that.

DK> Just wanted to start a quick discussion about 3.0.x.   We’ve historically done work
on the master and then
DK> supported two fixes branches.   With 3.2.0 being voted on now, I’m not sure if we
would branch the 3.2.x-fixes
DK> branch immediately or wait a bit (we have historically waited a bit).   Are there major
changes forthcoming that
DK> would warrant targeting 3.3 sooner?   If not, I think I’d like to stick on master
for at least one round of fixes just to stabilize the 3.2.0 as users migrate.

DK> In any case, we’ve now supported the 3.0.x series for 2 years, 4 months.      Would
it make sense to announce that
DK> 3.0.15 will be the final scheduled release off that branch?   Maybe wait one more iteration?
   We haven’t been back
DK> porting much anyway.    I grabbed the “central download stats” from Nexus for the
cxf-core module (pretty much any
DK> usage of CXF requires that) just to get an idea of what is used.   The top 10 are:

DK> 3.0.3   18%
DK> 3.1.11  11%
DK> 3.1.6   10%
DK> 3.1.10  7%
DK> 3.1.12  6%
DK> 3.1.7   5%
DK> 3.1.8   5%
DK> 3.1.5   4%
DK> 3.1.4   4%
DK> 3.0.1   4%

DK> As you can see, the only 3.0.x versions in the top 10 are 3.0.1 and 3.0.3.  Since they
are both ancient, I doubt
DK> anyone using them is planning on upgrading to new 3.0.x versions anyway.   The good
news is that the 3 latest 3.1.x
DK> versions are in the top 5.  Shows that the 3.1.x folks are keeping up to date.    The
last two 3.0.x releases (.13 and .14) are numbers 24 and 23 on the list.

DK> Anway, curious as to peoples thoughts….

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