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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Becoming a committer?
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2016 15:05:09 GMT
Hi Andi

Please be assured your contributions have been noticed.

FYI, it usually takes longer to become a CXF committer, as far as I'm 
aware it has taken awhile for all the contributors who joined the team 
in the last few years to become the committers, including some of your 
colleagues. I think it took me a while to become the one too :-) and it 
does not depend if the candidates for ex work for the same company as me 
(or other PMC member) or not...

Some contributors take on major projects, some do various fixes, but I 
believe CXF PMC is always being recognizing contributors who have been 
helping CXF.

As far as JAX-RS 2.1 is concerned the initial draft has been mostly 
implemented (SSE Server, Rx Client API - some improvements might need to 
go there), and Andriy Redko is investigating the initial NIO 
implementation. I guess we will see more requirements in 2017.

Other than that - have a look please at other CXF JAX-RS or non JAX-RS 
issues whenever you get a chance, if you have some opinion on whatever 
issues the users are raising, consider contributing, etc.

IMHO you are a quality contributor - so I'm looking forward to you 
becoming a CXF committer.

Thanks, Sergey

On 18/11/16 00:31, Andy McCright wrote:
> Hi All,
> I would like to become a committer on CXF.  Hopefully over the past few
> months I've earned some karma with some of the performance and CTS-related
> fixes - and I'm hoping to contribute more - especially in the JAX-RS 2.1
> space.
> If I'm not quite there as far as contributions, is there anything specific
> that I could do to help get me to be a committer?
> Thanks in advance for your consideration,
> Andy

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