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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Removing some old modules in 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2016 16:07:12 GMT

CXF module base continues to grow - a lot of modules is available, with 
some of these modules being obsolete and never used.

I'd like to propose to drop some of these modules in 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT to 
make the builds faster, the workspaces smaller and new users less 
overwhelmed :-). Once we agree on the final list I can remove them but 
as soon as we have at least a single user requesting the module back 
we'll put it back in 3.2.1. But in meantime we should give this clean-up 
a try :-).

The proposed list is below. Dan, others, please add -1 under any item 
you feel like worth keeping (but note we will put any removed module 
back in 3.2.1 or later whenever it is needed again):

1. rt/management-web

I was the one who added it, it was based on a GSOC project and I do 
think it is a unique project (users can see logging events in Atom 
readers), Aki did some good work around it a couple of years back, but I 
haven't seen any user actually asking questions or trying to use it.
Thus it should go. I'll be the 1st one who will put it back if someone 
will want to push it further.

2. rt/rs/security/oauth-parent/oauth

This module supports Oauth1 and is also based on the GSOC project.
Removing it might be a bit sensitive as some users did use it few years 
back. But OAuth1 is technically deprecated and Oauth2 is now widely 
deployed which is where we put a lot of effort into in CXF. I haven;t 
heard any queries about it for the last few years.

3. maven-plugin/archetypes: Maven JAXWS and JAXRS prototypes. Can they 
be really useful to anyone ? May be we can drop them and put back if needed.

4. integration/jca - I don't even remember what JCA means :-). I vaguely 
recall it was some old container spec ?

5. rt/bindings/object

I think I recall Dan explaining awhile back it is a more advanced 
version of coloc but I don't think it has ever been used by CXF users ?

6. rt/databindings/jibx
    I believe JIBX has not been maintained for many years now, if yes 
then lets let it go

7. systests/jibx

8. rt/databindings/sdo

    I know it was added on request from one of our previous employers, 
which was awhile back. Not sure if we need to keep it though

9. rt/databindings/xmlbeans

    Not sure if it is still needed. Looks like SOAP users do JAXB, 
occasionally - Aegis

10. services/wsn ?

11. rt/ws/eventing ?

12. rt/ws/mex ?

This is it for now. Please provide the feedback, we can keep this thread 
open for few weeks for sure

Thanks, Sergey


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