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From Alessio Soldano <>
Subject Re: Concurrency issue with EHCacheTokenStore
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2016 08:18:52 GMT
ok, no failures during the weekend testsuite runs.
Ive created and here is 
the patch I've tried 
Colm, if that's fine with you I can go ahead and commit and/or send a PR.


Il 16/09/2016 22:41, Alessio Soldano ha scritto:
> OK, I have a patched wss4j 2.1.8-asoldano-SNAPSHOT on the snapshot 
> repository and I'm letting the CI server here run with it for few 
> days. Let's see if the failures pop up or not...
> Cheers
> Alessio
> Il 15/09/2016 11:20, Alessio Soldano ha scritto:
>> mmh... I need to build a patched wss4j snapshot and have it consumed 
>> by the remote machine that is reproducing the issue a bit more 
>> frequently (locally it's very rare). Will let you know :-)
>> Il 15/09/2016 10:35, Colm O hEigeartaigh ha scritto:
>>> Hi Alessio,
>>> Yes, that makes sense to me. If you perform the fix locally, do the
>>> intermittent failures go away?
>>> Colm.
>>> On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 9:55 PM, Alessio Soldano <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm currently seeing an intermittent issue in the JBossWS-CXF 
>>>> testsuite
>>>> (stacktrace at ),
>>>> with the EHCacheTokenStore creation failing due to the CacheManager 
>>>> having
>>>> been shutdown. The testsuite includes multiple tests, almost all of 
>>>> them
>>>> create jaxws clients and in most of them the current thread bus is 
>>>> used
>>>> (few of them do create a new bus, set it as default thread bus, run 
>>>> and
>>>> eventually shutdown the bus). What I suspect is some kind of 
>>>> concurrency
>>>> issue in the CacheManager lifecycle management.
>>>> I've looked a bit at the code and noticed that there's basically a 1-1
>>>> relationship between Bus instances and CacheManager instances. 
>>>> Given I have
>>>> some tests that do not explicitly shutdown the bus (or the client) 
>>>> after
>>>> execution, it can happen that a client is closed because the JDK 
>>>> eventually
>>>> finalize ClientProxy, which in the end causes the 
>>>> CacheCleanupListener to
>>>> close the token store and hence to release/shutdown the cache 
>>>> manager (see
>>>> the invocation flow at https://paste.fedoraproject.or
>>>> g/428150/47388530/raw/ ). Unfortunately that exact cache manager could
>>>> possibly be in use to serve another client running in the same bus. 
>>>> AFAICS,
>>>> there's an attempt to avoid problems like this in WSS4J's
>>>> EHCacheManagerHolder (which deals with CXF requests of 
>>>> creating/releasing
>>>> cache managers), as it has a ConcurrentHashMap<String, AtomicInteger>
>>>> attribute to keep track of how many consumers of a given cache 
>>>> manager are
>>>> there and avoid shutting down a manager if it's still in use. 
>>>> Looking at
>>>> its getCacheManager and releaseCacheManager methods I can see a 
>>>> possible
>>>> concurrency flaw which could be the root of my failure. The
>>>> releaseCacheManager method could be called with cacheManager X as 
>>>> parameter
>>>> while a different thread is running getCacheManager and is just 
>>>> before line
>>>> 106 (that is just before the AtomicInteger is got from the map) 
>>>> with local
>>>> cacheManager variable already resolved to X. That should later deal 
>>>> to an
>>>> attempt to use an already shutdown cache manager. I would be 
>>>> tempted to
>>>> suggest making those two methods syncronized (the map could then 
>>>> probably
>>>> be a plain hash map).
>>>> WDYT? I might be missing something, so posting here before opening 
>>>> up a
>>>> jira. Any idea?
>>>> Cheers
>>>> Alessio
>>>> -- 
>>>> Alessio Soldano
>>>> Web Service Lead, JBoss

Alessio Soldano
Web Service Lead, JBoss

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