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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject [VOTE] - Release Apache CXF DOSGi 2.0.0
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2016 14:16:30 GMT
This is a vote to release Apache CXF DOSGi 2.0.0.

The main change in this version is to split the SOAP support from the 
REST support. So it is now possible to only install SOAP support or only 
REST support. The multi bundle distro still contains both variants but 
the karaf features are now separate.

As a new distro style we now offer a repository pom with the bundle 
dependencies which is suitable to create a bndtools index from it. So it 
is very easy to use CXF-DOSGi in bndtools. There is also such a 
repository pom for the samples that contains everything needed to run 
the samples from bndtools. The first example that uses this is the soap 
example. It contains a soap.bndrun file that can be directly started and 
debugged from eclipse. This pom based repo might be a replacement for 
the current multi bundle distro as it is much smaller and more flexible.

The bndtools based assembly uses the resolver to create a minimal set of 
bundles for the sample. For SOAP and REST together I was able to make 
this as small as 9 MB. For pure SOAP it is just 7.7 MB.

Another big change is that the examples are now based on a slightly 
changed TaskList service which is easier to understand that the previous 
Greeter example. The examples now have karaf features to make it easy to 
test them in karaf.

Apart from these major changes I looked through the open issues and 
marked a lot of them as fixed as they should be solved in the new code. 
Please give feedback if anything is not yet solved.

I have not yet changed the wiki documentation to reflect the new code. 
As it would be difficult to have the old and new documentation side by 
side in the wiki I did most of the documentation in the code using 
github markdown syntax. This allows to have the documentation closer to 
the code and also will allow to look into the documentation of previous 
I plan to point to the gihub docs from the wiki and keep the old wiki 
contents as documentation of the 1.x releases.

You can find the new documentation here:

If you want to try the new code I recommend to follow the installation 
instructions of the examples:

Btw. as usual .. until the release is pushed to maven central you will 
have to add the maven repo listed below to your karaf instance.

Release Notes - CXF Distributed OSGi - Version 2.0.0

** Bug
     * [DOSGI-19] - Discovery Software doesn't notice changed Service 
     * [DOSGI-22] - It would benefit the RFC 119 TCK if multiple 
instances of DOSGi could be run in a single OSGi container.
     * [DOSGI-52] - 
-Dorg.apache.cxf.spring.validation.mode=VALIDATION_NONE doesn't have an 
     * [DOSGI-73] - OSGi Declarative Service-based consumer does not 
register proxy service on demand
     * [DOSGI-108] - service.exported.interfaces doesn't support 
comma-seperated String value
     * [DOSGI-124] - ReceiveTimeout not configurable while using 
cxf-rest service in OSGI
     * [DOSGI-159] - Endpoint description contains wrong when using HTTPService style
     * [DOSGI-171] - service objects are never released (using ungetService)
     * [DOSGI-185] - Restarting of Jetty/PaxWeb makes exported services 
     * [DOSGI-186] - documentation incorrect
     * [DOSGI-187] - service configuration for service-namespace, 
service-name and service-port only take affect if wsdl-location is also 
     * [DOSGI-196] - Greeter demo does not work in standalone Felix
     * [DOSGI-199] - NoSuchMethodError in tests (Jetty version mismatch)
     * [DOSGI-209] - when bundles registers two WS with different 
SoapBinding Style Document/RPC then one of the STYLE is not as expected
     * [DOSGI-213] - ASM library not in Multibundle 1.6.0, so no naming 
of webservice parameters possible
     * [DOSGI-219] - DOSGi Fails to Publish Service Under Apache Karaf 3.0.3
     * [DOSGI-225] - Service publication with property does not work
     * [DOSGI-226] - Cannot configure org.apache.cxf.dosgi.dsw.Activator 
via Felix fileinstall
     * [DOSGI-227] - Build fails with JDK 8
     * [DOSGI-236] - IllegalArgumentException: No SchemaFactory 
exception during build
     * [DOSGI-240] - Fix checkstyle in eclipse
     * [DOSGI-242] - Refactor provider to prepare for split

** Improvement
     * [DOSGI-101] - Update the guide on using DOSGI RI withing Eclipse
     * [DOSGI-144] - can not deploy CXF 1.3.1 on Virgo Tomcat 3.5.RELEASE
     * [DOSGI-152] - Update systests2 to use pax-exam 2.5
     * [DOSGI-237] - Upgrade Distributed OSGI to OSGI 5.0
     * [DOSGI-239] - Extract decorator xml support into separate bundle
     * [DOSGI-241] - Simplify examples
     * [DOSGI-243] - Update to OSGi spec 5.0.0
     * [DOSGI-245] - Split cxf provider into rs and ws provider
     * [DOSGI-246] - Upgrade to Aries RSA 1.9.0
     * [DOSGI-247] - Support for Conduit configs and SSL example
     * [DOSGI-248] - Update to CXF 3.1.7
     * [DOSGI-249] - Redesign examples
     * [DOSGI-250] - Support capabilities and requirements specified in 
RSA 1.1

** New Feature
     * [DOSGI-211] - Support SOAP over JMS in DOSGI

** Task
     * [DOSGI-194] - Decide how DOSGi needs to handle 
service.exported.interfaces with multiple values


Maven Artifacts:

+1 from me.


Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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