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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: Moving CXF SwaggerFeature into its own module
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2016 14:05:55 GMT
On 04/07/2016 16:04, Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
> Hi Francesco
> Thanks, FYI, the initial commit only showed that the Swagger resources 
> were deleted :-)
> Here is the one with the newly added resources:

Whoops :-)

> On 04/07/16 14:59, Francesco Chicchiriccò wrote:
>> On 04/07/2016 15:51, Sergey Beryozkin wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> as part of CXF-6760 [1] I've moved the Swagger code into its own
>>> cxf-rt-rs-description-swagger module.
>>> It makes it easier for the users to choose between WADL and Swagger
>>> (example, right now if only WADL is preferred then no Swagger endpoint
>>> is there but not vice versa, having Swagger endpoint automatically
>>> adds a WADL filter simply because they share the same module and CXF
>>> tries to install WADL by default) and simplify the user dependencies
>>> (they'd only have to refer to this new module and not list explicitly
>>> swagger-jaxrs).
>>> So far it is only done on master, and would like to update 3.1.7 too -
>>> a minor migration issue is expected but the positive effect will be
>>> immediate. The fact that having a WADL filter for Swagger users is
>>> inevitable at 3.1.x can be considered a bug too
>>> If you have any concerns about a 3.1.x update then let me know please
>>> today.
>> Hi Sergey,
>> definitely a good idea to clean up and separate things.
>> Since Swagger is an optional extension for Syncope, I would also have
>> the chance to adapt its CXF configuration according to the changes that
>> will be part of CXF 3.1.7.
>> Thanks for taking care of this.
>> Regards.
>>> [1] ttps://
>>> [2]

Francesco Chicchiriccò

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